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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Cool Mag

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Cool Mag is a clean, simple and easy-to-use news & magazine blogger theme that is built for you to create your own pages exactly as you want. In addition, Cool Mag is easily usable with any mobile devices like tablet, mobile phone or larger screens without removing any content.
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Monday, December 7, 2015


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Glossy is a Clean Responsive News, Magazine and Blogger Theme. With a specific & beautiful design style, it is very suitable for bloggers, travelers, writers, photographers, illustrators, food or sport lovers even fashion shopper to share important something, hot news, events, personal stories or daily simply life on their own blog websites. In addition, Glossy is easily usable with any mobile devices like tablet, mobile phone or larger screens without removing any content.
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Friday, December 4, 2015


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Sense is a fresh, modern and easy-to-use magazine blogger theme with flexible and responsive layout. Sense is suitable for any kind of personal, travel, hobby, life style and tutorial blog etc. Installing and customizing this theme is very easy. All required informations are provided in documentation.
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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Lobo Portfolio for Freelancers WordPress Theme Download Free [Version 2.4.2]

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Lobo Portfolio for Freelancers & Agencies WordPress Theme Download Free [Current Version 2.3.6]
Lobo Portfolio for Freelancers WordPress Theme Download Free
Latest Version Of Lobo WordPress Theme Is Available On This Page. 
Free Lancer and Agencies WP Theme : This is a Portfolio WordPress Theme for Freelancers & Agencies. Now you can see the updated version on Themeforest and latest version is available here too. Current Version is 2.4.2 and last time it was updated on Nov 11, 2015.

  • Lobo is a great Portfolio for Freelancers & Agencies plus with its awesome features you enhance or increase the beauty of you Agencies or Sites. 
  • With its Graphic designers, Photographers, illustrators or several kinds of creative you can make a quick and simple Portfolio glass case their work with unique and original feel. 
  • This Theme is work as Modular means, on the basis of Custom module builder your contents will be created plus this will allows you to make your own layouts in minutes.  
  • Lobo Theme has best thing that on few clicks and setting you can create with any Background images, Background color, Text, Images, Sliders, Videos, Tracks etc. 
  • The Lobo is rich of features such as Icons retina ready, Fully responsive plus you can apply features like Parallax or Lobo's private notable sticky Header and with its menu option you will be able to access to some actions and menu options in any section of the page. 
  • This Theme has a unique feature that is Module and Content Builder which let you add your content fast and easy plus with its Unlimited layouts you are capable to create you own layouts in minutes and then your Site become different from others.

    Whats New:
    We made some modifications or changes inside this theme and those improvements were done on our valuable users demands. The improvements are listed below and are as follow:

    Updates of Lobo v2.4.2:
    • Resolved an issue with woocommerce variation with images.
    Updates of Lobo v2.3.6:
    • Enhanced YouTube Player to support new API and allow more videos per pages.
    • Solved an issue with IE9 Loading.
    • Solved an issue with WooCommerce form.
    • Updated WooCommerce plugin upto its newest version 2.3.8.
    • Solved an issue with cart page in woocommerce.
    • Solved an issue caused by bug.
    • Solved an issue with portfolio filtering.
    • Added new social meta tags in the header.
    • Updated the Font awesome to v4.3 and more. 
    Download Link:

    Tuesday, December 1, 2015

    Javo Directory Wordpress Theme Download Free [Version v2.2.2]

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    Javo Directory Wordpress Theme Download Free [Current Version v2.1.1]
    Javo Directory Wordpress Theme Download Free
    Javo WordPress Theme, Current Version Is Available On This Page.
    Directory WP Theme : This is one the best directory WP Theme we ever created and the Theme contain lots of diverse features and option that your site will look more dynamic and attractive too. Updated version is reachable on Themeforest and we also provides latest version here too. Current Version is 2.2.2 and last time it was updated on Nov 24, 2015.

    • Javo is a ideal and perfect Directory Wordpress Theme and this Theme is ideal for Location Business Listings plus capable of Great Google Maps Pro+ with Ajax Filtering. 
    • This Theme is Fully Responsive for Digital Devices such as for Mobile Devices or Computers plus facing zero problem with Modern Browsers plus Javo is Capable of Visual Composer Page Builder and Slider Revolution Premium WordPress Plugin. 
    • With the help of present technology we build this Theme with Twitter Bootstrap 3.2 Framework and we add Multilingual support with the help of WPML WordPress Plugin. 
    • You can easily Publish your Items with this WordPress Theme and earn money on per post plus this Theme has Rating Section with Customizable Rating Titles, Recent Ratings or Top Rating Shortcodes.
    • The Theme is capable of Custom Field for Items and with this option you can Create your Own Custom Fields For Example Input, Textarea, DowpDown or Grouping.  
    • With its Custom Page option you can easily modify your Head Styles including Fancy Head Revolution Slider and Hide plus you can Listing your Categories with its 2 Listing Style Options such as Well Built Listing Styles and Planing to have more Listing Styles. 
    • Best part of this Theme is that you can your Item looks Great on High Resolution Displays such as Digital Devices due to this Ratina Ready and your Item or Graphic Elements look Sharp, Clean, Crisp or no more Blurry Images because of this Great Option. 
    • Javo WordPress Theme is rich of of Features For Example PayPal Integration, Built by Bootstrap 3 with HTML5, CSS3, Revolution Slider Included, Youtube Guide or Instructor, Ajax Easy Searching, Event, Cutomize Rating, or 4 Front End forms with Upload and more.    

    Whats New:
    Certain type of positive changes were made inside this Updated Version of Javo WordPress Theme and these modifications were done by our professional experts, on our expensive users demands. Below changes were listed and are as follow:

    Updates of Javo v2.2.2:
    • Updated VC to its newest version v4.8.1.
    • Updated Ultimate VC to its newest version 3.17.7.
    • Updated Revolution Slider to its newest version v5.1.3.
    • Updated Woocommerce template too.
    • Resolved an issue with input tags.
    • Resolved an issue with removed scroll spy url.
    • Resolved an issue with display detail images.
    • Better vimeo video on single item page headers.
    • Solved a problem with messages on search form.
    • Solved a problem in redirect for facebook, Google+ Login in theme setting.
    • Resolved an issue with topbar color setting option.
    • Resolved an issue with topbar telephone color on iphone.
    • Resolved an issue with Javo grid shortcode alignment with sidebar.
    • And more issue with were also resolved inside this latest version of Javo WordPress Theme.
    Updates of Javo 2.1.1: 
    • Better Javo wide map > load more button function on mobile.
    • Better Javo wide map > My position function on mobile.
    • Better Javo wide map in both crashed mobile version and pc version slider.
    • Resolved problem with clustering markers.
    • Resolved issue with Geolocation : wroung search result.
    • Resolved issue with Theme setting in Rating no appearance.
    • Updated Visual Composer to its newest version 4.5.2.
    • Updated Ultimate Addons to their newest version 3.11.1.
    • Updated Slider Revolution to its newest version 4.6.93.
    • Problem solved with change password.
    • Problem solved with my favorite counting.
    • Problem solved with user profile image display.
    • Better VC row ID and row parallax issue in visual composer.
    • Problem solved with Google Login in Ajax login URL.
    • Resolved issue with header in mobile menu and more.